Thunderbird Conservation Farm

If you are a local hatchery or breeder please enter your contact information, types of breeds you are raising, and any special information readers should know.
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Thunderbird Conservation Farm

Post by Mindi Mulcahey » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:01 pm

Located in Pahrump, NV. We are a military veteran family that specializes in conservation birds, primarily those that fall under livestock. We currently raise the following breeds of birds, though not all breeds are for sale:

Dominique chickens
Serama chickens
Flarry eye grey chickens( not for sale)
Coturnix quail
Mountain quail (not for sale at this time) NDOW regulated
Bronze turkeys
Royal palm turkeys

Because we pride ourselves on providing the best quality birds we can give, we operate in small numbers. This allows us to have more hands on with the birds to ensure they successfully transfer to their new homes and that the best of what we have goes out. Birds in a higher critical status take breeding priority over others, as listed by the ALBC. Because of the conservation importance of our birds we strive to provide the lowest prices. We believe that everyone can and should be able to make a difference and enjoy these birds, that are part of our history, regardless of income.
Information on availability can be found by emailing or on the Thunderbird Facebook page.

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