Under Construction!

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Under Construction!

Post by jeepgal » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:18 pm

New raffle coming soon!!



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Re: Under Construction!

Post by jeepgal » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:27 pm

Non official rules, just parking these here to be edited.

YOU MUST READ ALL RULES BEFORE YOU POST A SALE OR CLAIM A SPOT AS A BUYER. (Please especially note PayPal rules near the bottom)

1. Please be courteous in all matters in your communications and dealings with others. Sellers, you are using our storefront to supplement your private sales, your winner becomes a private sale (as if they have paid for the item in full). Buyers, this is an opportunity to cooperate with others to cooperatively purchase items.

2. You must be NPIP certified or provide a CVI Form to sale hatching eggs or live poultry. NPIP # must be provided to admin and winner if requested. You must be 18 years of age or older to sell.

3. Sale posts for things related to farm and gardening needs may be ran by members, but no drop ships. All sales must be homemade or homegrown down home! (disclaimer: Food is not regulated by admin. Purchase at your own risk) Not sure if you can raffle an item? PM us!

4. All draws are final and winnings must ship within 3 days, unless otherwise noted, and within the States. PM admin if wait will be longer than a few days over 3 day rule.

5. Cooperative sales not filled within 72 hours will be deleted. We are lenient on higher dollar or almost filled raffles.

6. The sample format must be utilized! Posts not using these format will NOT be approved. Absolutely no google images without stating they are from google plus at least one of your stock images. No farm links in your posts, we have a designated post for your links to be browsed through!

7. NO member ran drop ships. We will offer daily admin sponsored sales to build your farm dreams!

8. It is ok to remove spots by labeling them as "respin" so we know to do so at spin time or you may lower the price per spot in the middle of raffle…You cannot add spots or increase the cost per spot. All spots must total the same amount at the end of the raffle. No buy 2, get 1 introduced half way through without the same special applying to the already purchased spots. We do an extra spin prior to paypal being posted if you offer free spots. You may not choose your own "random" free spots.

9. Once item is received, please post a pic in the mail call post.

10. PAYPAL is the official form of payment in this group, specifics of pay pal rules below:
*** Payments will be sent as Friends and Family. Any payments sent as Goods and Services will be refunded.
*** Payments sent with any comments will be refunded. (Exception: adding numbers of spots claimed in the admin group raffle)
*** Buyers have 16 hours to pay once PayPal has been posted to pay for spots claimed, but be courteous and pay as quickly as possible.
*** Do not post payment address or accept any payments until all spots on a sale post are entirely claimed.
*** Remember to have admin run number randomizer for any offered bonus spots before accepting payments.
***All drawings will be conducted by Admin for a fee of $5, utilizing a random number generator while recording their phone screen. Comments will be posted during video as a time stamp that video isn't altered. (Gfbbpay@gmail.com)
***Admin works very hard to ensure both buyer and seller protection. A portion of the admin sponsored sales will be set aside as a protection, in case a shady member gets past our watchful eyes.
***Admin fees, besides spinning the wheel, also give you access to our Farm Co-op Vendor page.

**Item (6 Buff Orp. Chicks)
*Admin Sponsored/private sponsor
*Spots are $3 each and 10 Spots are available (price and spots are samples only)
*Random numbers only. Ask for # of spots you want to be assigned. (Or pick your spots)

*Ships from: (This is optional)
Shipping cost is included.

*PayPal will be posted once all numbers are claimed, please do not pay until then. Pay via Friends and Family.

**Additional seller's shipping policy and notes:


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